Can Facebook Be Harmful To Long-Distance Relationships?

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Social networking has completely changed the way in which lovers in long-distance interactions (LDRs) keep in touch with each other.

But could Facebook be doing a lot more harm to LDRs than great?

In accordance with new research by connection charity OnePlusOne as well as the Student area, one-third (36 %) of lovers think Twitter played a part from inside the breakdown of their particular LDR.

One-fifth (20 percent) of players stated they dumped their own ex since they cheated in addition they found out about it through photographs published to Twitter.

Twitter isn’t really the only social networking leading to dilemmas.

“10 % of members

in addition known as Twitter as a reason.”

When considering cheating on your own companion when in an LDR, almost all (90 %) of participants happened to be of the same view – sex with another person during an LDR isn’t OK.

‘There is a wide variety of aspects that donate to creating a relationship work, no matter what bodily range,” Hannah Green from OnePlusOne mentioned. “Whilst social media marketing features opened more ways to remain in touch, it can’t change more personal kinds of interaction, which might demonstrate love and rely on of the lover.”

“It is often the small motions that issue particularly a book to express ‘I love you,'” she stated. “research indicates couples in an LDR whom meet in person at least one time four weeks will endure and stay pleased.”


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